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Woodstock Wind Chimes

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Browse our Woodstock range by collection:

Bells and Gongs

Includes the delightful little Acorn Wind Bell, gorgeous Temple Bells (trio or quintet), Bellissimo Spiral  and the impressive Emperor Gong.  

The Classic Collection

From the cheeky little Piccolo (the smallest Woodstock chime) through to the magnificent Athena Windsingers, the Classic chimes include Chimes of Olympos, Bali, Kyoto, the beautiful Amazing Grace (3 sizes), Gregorian and Mozart chimes, plus the lovely Wedding and Anniversary chimes.  

The Encore Collection

The hugely popular Chimes of Mercury, Mars, Polaris, Pluto, Earth and Neptune available in 4 different finishes - bronze, silver, black and verdigris (Chimes of Polaris not available in black, Chimes of Neptune in bronze and silver only).  

Chakra and Precious Stones Chimes

Chakra chimes,  Mini Chimes with Precious Stones of Amber, Amethyst, Jade and Rose Quartz, other chimes with stone accents.  

Our Best Selling Woodstock Chimes

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The Woodstock Story

Wind chimes are traditionally made of wood or metal, but they can also be made of other materials and in shapes other than tubes or rods:  for example  stones, horseshoes, mechanics' tools, PVC pipe, glass, seashells and old silverware to name but a few.

Every material makes a different sound, but the sounds made by such random bits and pieces are not tunable to specific notes and range from pleasant tinkling to dull thuds.

In 1979 Garry Kvistad created the Chimes of Olympos, tuned to an ancient Greek pentatonic scale.  Its pure tone and musical heritage soon stood it apart from other chimes. It was and still is, a magnificent wind powered musical instrument, setting new standards for tonal and build quality.

Utilising custom computer aided tuning techniques along with the ancient "just intonation" system, Woodstock chimes take musical scales from a myriad of different cultures and periods in history to create true "Instruments of Nature".