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Wind Chimes - Huge Selection, Delivered Duty Paid

Choose from an extensive collection of metal wind chimes as well as colourful glass and resin items.  Please note, however, we are not permitted to sell bamboo wind chimes to customers in Ireland as these are classified as a "prohibited item" by the Irish government.

Take a look at the elegant Koshi chimes from France, traditionally hand crafted Japanese furin and top quality Corinthian Bells manufactured in the USA.  All have sound files or video clips.

"Where do I start?"

You've probably not heard of most of the brands, so take a look at our Brand Comparisons:  you'll find relative pricing information for similarly sized "classic" wind chimes, plus a few other key features which should help get you started.

clover.jpg Delivery

We are a UK based business (but majority Irish owned); however, all our prices include delivery and duties.  All items are sent by courier using a "Delivered Duty Paid" service:  this means customers will not be asked to pay any tax or duties when an item is delivered - we take care of everything from our end.

Gift Wrap red grift wrap250.jpg

An additional service available for selected items. Tick the Gift Wrap box just above the Add to Basket button for your chosen product. 

If the product you want to buy doesn't have the gift-wrap tick box, please email us to enquire about a "special".   

Schools and Special Needs Schools

Enquiries are most welcome:  find out more about our service.