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Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

  CB landing 69-76 cm.jpg
CB landing 92-112 cm.jpg
  CB landing 127-142 cm.jpg
  CB landing 152-165 cm.jpg

Corinthian Bells wind chimes are among the finest to be found anywhere.  The quality of the workmanship and the materials used are second to none.  

The central suspension system design allows the tubes to resonate freely, avoiding the sound-dampening tendency of traditional chimes which are assembled by running a string through each side of the tube.


Available in sizes ranging from 69 cm to a spectacular 165 cm - the sizes are defined by the overall length of the chime from the hanging ring at the top to the bottom of the wind catcher.

Please note that as the chimes get longer, the diameter of the tubes also increases - the 165 cm model has chimes with a diameter of 5.7 cm.  It is also correspondingly heavy at 13.6 kg!


All sizes are available in any of 6 beautiful finishes:

CB colour palette top.jpg
CB colour palette_ bottom.jpg

Black, Green, Patina Green, Copper Vein, Silver Vein, Midnight Blue.

These chimes are musically tuned:  be sure to listen to the sound file provided for each of these wind chimes on the individual product pages.