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Nature's Melody Wind Chimes

Nature's Melody offer high quality, yet affordable wind chimes.  Using only the best components and tuned by master craftsmen, these musically sounding chimes make the perfect gift.

The larger of the chimes (46 cm upwards) feature a "mute" button - a small plastic toggle immediately below the striker which allows this to be moved up the cord so it does not make contact with the chimes.
Elegant in their simplicity, these chimes have no wooden components.  A textured metal hoop supports the chimes which are suspended by attaching the cord to a small metal rod fixed within each tube - there are no holes drilled through the walls of the tube, which therefore prevents any chafing of the cord and also allows the metal to resonate for longer.

Available in 3 finishes - black, silver and rose gold and in 3 sizes (71 cm, 91 cm, 107 cm).
Pretty little chimes which feature either a cluster of coloured crystals instead of the usual striker, or a single teardrop crystal to act as the wind catcher.  
These chimes have a hexagonal wooden top, wooden striker and generously sizes wooden wind catcher.  They are well made and have  a sensible sized hook at the top for easy hanging.

Available in 6 sizes (36 cm, 46 cm, 60 cm, 71 cm, 91 cm, 107 cm) and in 4 finishes:  black, bronze, forest green and silver.
Available with 3 or 5 bells with a copper or silver finish.