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Tranquil Harmonies Chimes

Tranquil Harmonies wind chimes are comprised of three collections:
Adante chimes are of a classical design, being a combination of wooden components with metal chimes.  Available in 4 sizes (71 cm, 86 cm, 107 cm, 127 cm) with either a satin chrome or satin black finish, all feature (rather unusually) 9 chimes.


Chorus chimes have a contemporary design available in one size (102 cm) and in a choice of 4 beautiful colours - rich red, cobalt blue, fresh green or rose gold. The powder-coated aluminium alloy has been laser etched to produce bands of shiny silver - the effect is very pleasing.

The cord from which each tubes hangs is attached to a device seated within each tube rather than passing through a pair of holes drilled into the tube walls:  this construction, combined with the 1.7mm thickness of the metal, allows the metal to resonate for longer.  It also looks very neat!
Concerto chimes, like the Chorus collection, do not have any wooden components.  Available in 4 sizes  (91 cm, 102 cm, 122 cm, 153 cm) with either a satin black or a bronze finish, the cord is attached in the same way as described in Chorus chimes above.